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Nutritional support in early life is an essential part of the clinical management of infants at risk of and with food allergies.


Pre- pro or synbiotics play an important role in the modulation of the gut microbiota

A growing amount of clinical evidence shows that pre- and probiotics can have beneficial effects in infants at risk of, or living with food allergies.1–4


Synbiotics are a combination of pre- and probiotics.5 Pre- and probiotics can influence the immune system directly, or indirectly, via the gut microbiota, and therefore they may play a role in preventing the onset of an allergic disease.6 The objective of combining pre- and probiotics is to achieve stronger positive effects than with either component alone (synergy).7


Gut microbiota dysbiosis has been reported in infants with allergic conditions with low levels of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli compared with healthy, breastfed infants.8


Given the presence and important role of these naturally occurring pre- and probiotics, and recognising that breast feeding is not always possible, there is a compelling rationale to combine pre- and probiotic ingredients (synbiotics) in infant formula so that functionally it more closely resembles human breast milk.


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The role of the gut microbiota on allergy development in early life

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Synbiotics : a promising approach for the primary prevention and dietary management of cow’s milk allergy

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Dr Adam Fox: Using EHF and AAF formulas to manage cow's milk allergy

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Professor Seppo Salminen : When to recommend synbiotic containing formulas

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The role of synbiotics in allergy management


Synbiotics-supplemented amino acid-based formula supports adequate growth in cow’s milk allergic infants


ASSIGN study: A synbiotic-containing amino acid-based formula improves gut microbiota in non-IgE-mediated allergic infants